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Zotim.com.au is Australia’s leading online tech retailer, and is well-renowned among PC enthusiasts and the gaming community. With years of experience, Zotim has developed a strong reputation in its technical expertise, shopping convenience, and professional customer service. Not only is Zotim a popular online destination for PC consumers, it is also highly regarded by businesses, big and small.

Over the period of last many years, we've taken Zotim from a simple business spot to a revolution in the heart of Australia’s information technology market. The main idea behind the development of the Zotim was never about creating a retailer with fine prices, but to give birth to the area where people could be served as a family member.

The world now has moved to the next generation of business relationships; and we’re proud to be one of the best in Australia’s IT market to accept that YES, you are important! With massive growth rate, we’re very happy and very proud that Zotim now has a huge family of online customers.

The world is changing and Zotim happily accepts that customer of this modern era are more tech-savvy and demand the best value for their money. We believe that evolution is the single thing constant and in order to deliver to you the real value you deserve, we are always in the process of evolving to the next level.

Customer Satisfaction

At Zotim, we forever aim to provide you with a remarkable shopping experience. Zotim offers selection, sales, and service expertise competitive with other top service-oriented retailers. Zotim’s computer product store designs are based on exhaustive studies of customer shopping behavior, tons of customer surveys, and industry-wide testing.

At Zotim, you can be assured of finely trained sales associates who can answer your every query and guide you to the finest options to fulfill your needs. And Zotim provides the best technical support in the way that is most convenient for you –in-store via mail or online chat.

Sales Associates

Zotim has long been known for the computer-related device store with the most skilled, helpful, and knowledgeable sales associates, plus free walk-in technical support. Zotim hires computer enthusiasts with fine people skills and provides regular training to make sure that the client receives an amazing consultative sales experience. Our associates are experts at helping clients at every level of computer products knowledge.

Zotim’s business model is built on offering you professional advice. The Zotim knowledge bard is a huge, completely staffed counter area where you can bring computers and for 1 on 1 technical support, rapid upgrades and other personalized assist sessions.


Zotim has offered the lowest prices on computer products for years as service the huge percentage of our customers who prefer to build their individual computers. We provide competitive prices on our huge selection of products.

There might still be many things that you’d wish to know about us. Simply register, feel free, and do not be shy. We never tell our customers to hush away because there are other customers to deal with!

So welcome to the Zotim and whether you’re individual, small business or a corporate customer, we’re family now. Welcome to the group of our customers and friends!

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We buy from and support local Australian suppliers. This ensures that our products are kept up to standard and protected.