Business Inquiries

Please see below what services you can avail of Zotim as a business customer. 

  • Dedicated Account Manager 

You will be assigned a dedicated account manager from our team. He or she will take care of your orders at every step and you can communicate directly with them on phone. 

  • Product Selection 

Our business customers team at Zotim are experts at selecting the right products for your business. Just email your requirements and my team will shortlist suitable products for you. We can also source products from distributors all over Australia even if they are not listed on our website. 

  • Special Offers exclusively for Business 

We have special offers regularly which are exclusive to business customers. Once you confirm the signup button below and we will include you in the exclusive email list. 

  • Special Business Pricing 

For certain products, we can offer a better price than what you may see on our website. Once we receive your requirements, we will quote you with our best offers at that time. 

  • Priority Shipping 

We understand the importance of running a business and our business customers receive priority shipping on their orders. Your account manager will also be able to upgrade your orders to express overnight shipping if possible. We ship all orders by courier which can be tracked online. We have recently enabled granular tracking of shipments and you receive detailed updates at every step.

  • Price Match and Consolidated Shipping 

We can match the price with other online stores if possible we can do so for you. This way you can place your complete order with Zotim and take advantage of consolidated shipping costs. 

  • Sourcing from over 250,000 SKU’s 

Our team can source almost any IT product for you from a database of over 250,000 SKU’s from authorized Australian distributors. These can range from simple cables or adapters to high-end servers, workstations, NAS Storage, etc. Your order can be shipped to you directly from the distributor thus saving precious time. You will be surprised by the competitive quotes we provide you along with our legendary service! 

  • Cloud Computing and Office 365 

Zotim is perhaps the only online store in Australia that is equipped to transform your business into the Cloud!  

We have a team that specializes in Microsoft Azure for hosting your servers in the Azure cloud in Australia. Back up your important business data with Azure Cloud Backups, take advantage of Microsoft business-class hosted e-mail solutions, or purchase any of the Office 365 Productivity Suites.  

Subscriptions can be purchased within minutes and our experts can help migrate your data to the cloud.